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Use the Whop API to manage your software's memberships, OAuth, payments, and more.

1const checkAccess = async (resourceId, accessToken) => {
2  const res = await fetch("https://api.whop.com/api/v2/me/has_access/" + resourceId, {
3    headers: {
4      Authorization: "Bearer " + accessToken
5    }
6  });
7  if (!res.ok) throw new Error("Error: " + res.status);
8  return (await res.json()).has_access;
11checkAccess("FGHU5LcqqE", "kKy2VzZOs0")
12.then(hasAccess => console.log(hasAccess ? "Access granted." : "Access denied."))
13.catch(error => console.error(error));
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Monetize your creativity — sell plugins, PDFs, templates & more with ease.

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Create online courses to monetize your knowledge and expertise.

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Universal payment options for every business.

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We'll handle your global payment processing as your MoR link. Accept payments in national currencies and crypto from 135+ countries.

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Start selling in just a few clicks.

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The team makes it easy for businesses to establish their online presence and process payments, saving them headaches. I've recommended Whop to many friends and none have been disappointed. I trust the team at Whop to continue delivering exceptional service.
From its innovative product offerings to outstanding customer service, Whop has established itself as a leader in the industry. The company's commitment to quality is evident in everything it does, from how it sources its materials to the meticulous attention to detail it brings to every product.
Vincent G.
Vincent G.GFNF
The platform has truly exceeded our expectations with its seamless onboarding process for existing businesses. The team at Whop has made it incredibly easy for us to integrate our existing operations with their platform, saving us the headache of implementing a payment flow from scratch. We highly recommend Whop to any online merchant looking to streamline their sales and payment processes.
Dave Sally
Dave SallyTop Chefs
Whop stands out in an unprofessional industry by providing exceptional service. Their responsive and helpful team quickly solves any issues, making it easy to manage licenses, subscriptions and releases. Their positive attitude sets them apart from other providers. Excited to see what the future holds and to continue working with their amazing team!
Brady Badour
Brady BadourCreator Clique
Whop has been an outstanding company to work with and host businesses on. I’ve been through multiple dashboards and have found that Whop Business delivers always. Any time I have issues or feedback Whop has been more than happy to get on a call and resolve every issue within a few days. I was able to get on a call with whop to help them deliver Affiliates 2.0 to scale all the businesses I’m affiliated with. I made a suggestion and they revamped in under 2 weeks!
Whop is outstanding! Always adapting and being innovative. Customer support top notch. No wait time on any requests. I was requested to hop on calls whenever I needed to. Bright future ahead for the Whop team!
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